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2019 Ram 2500 Review and First Drive

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The huge and renewed truck maintains the abilities but increases the luxury.

What more could you ask a truck for sale as capable and development as specific as the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty? If you are considering luxury, you believed the same as FCA.

The complete renovation of Ram's trucks reaches its biggest and most powerful model, in an effective combination of work and luxury abilities, as never seen before.

Belonging to the Ram's heavy-duty pick-up catalog, the recently renovated Ram 2500 Heavy Duty, lines up with the brand's new language seen for the first time in the enhanced 1500 we tested before.


But in reality, the new generation of the Ram HD stands apart for consisting of all the equipment and technology package that premiered with 1500. It is beginning with the infotainment system with a 12-inch screen in a vertical arrangement that manages the functions of the automated environment control of Dual-zone, 17 speaker stereo established by Harman Kardon.

It can also connect to the Android Auto and Apple Carplay platforms and, it can divide the info showed on the screen for its best use.

As if that were inadequate, there is gain access to and ignition without a key, electrically adjustable pedals, the seats are electrically adjustable, with cooling and heating in the front seats, the automated ignition lights, there are several USB connections with type C outputs, sockets Homemade and wireless charging capability for mobile phone through helpful phone holders in the center console.

Also included is a more than convenient 360-degree cam to support maneuverability that integrated with various specific views of the electronic camera for anchoring trailers.

Optionally, the Ram considers the inclusion of an electric sunroof and RamBox compartments located in the dashboard of the bat.

Extremely complete in this section, remember that we are in a heavy-duty pick-up.


On security issues, being on board the new Ram 2500 HD can make us believe that others would be the ones who need to take care of us, our strength on wheels paints to be the best place to be in case of a mishap.

Luckily, the safety equipment leaves absolutely nothing to speculation and is sufficient, with a brake system with ABS and EBD, electronic stability control, and approximately 6 airbags.

However we likewise have anchors for child seats, emergency braking help with frontal collision caution, roll-over control system, blind-spot tracking, parking sensors and cruise control with adaptive braking.


As specific as the method of a big pick-up such as this may be, where its finest terrain is the cattle ranches or the open field. It is very typical to face them on the road, so it is our task to inspect their effectiveness before a possible threat situation, so we go to the Guadalajara Autodrome to carry out the Technical Test of this huge Ram.


When carrying out the acceleration workout from 0 to 100km/ h, the vitality of the Hemi engine is surprising and the efficiency of the box of 8 relationships when going out with the foot thorough, managing to get the figure in 10.3 s, always accompanied by an exciting symphony of the eight-piston engine.

For its part, the brake system also came as a surprise, because even though the pedal has a spongy touch, it manages to stop the huge mass efficiently and without much shock, requiring 46m to attain the total high.


Now, it remains in the slalom that the truck reminds us of its exaggerated measurements, requiring to strive with the direction to accomplish the workout without problems, we marvel how responsive it is, it finishes the workout without much problem. The greatest speed accomplished was 44.1 km/ h.


The best combination provides an unique character to the huge truck because of the long list of readily available amenities, with exceptional habits and capabilities, where we need to take into consideration the constraints that its large mass generates, especially in situations to the limit.

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Within the offer of purchasing vans in Mexico of this style, only Ford has in the F-250 Super Task, the only competitor for the Ram HD. The Super Task offered in a single variation that although it uses the mechanic's Turbodiesel with a bestial torque of 750 lb.-ft., the drag capabilities kept listed below those of the Ram with "barely" 5.67 lots.

Of course, for the Ram's truck, we will need to pay 1.2 million pesos, while Ford is readily available from 975 thousand pesos, but it is likewise real that it falls short of equipment.